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Seculok 2

Seculok 2"x12' Cam Buckle Straps with Spring Fittings

E-Track cam straps are used in conjunction with E-Track inside interior van trailers. Just like the e-track ratchet straps, the cambuckle straps also come in 12' (yellow), 16' (gray), and 20' (blue) lengths. Etrack straps are generally color-coded by length for easy identification.


These E-Track straps use a pull-to-tighten system rather than the crank-to-tighten feature seen in ratchet strap versions. This can be critical when over-tightening can damage precious cargo. With a 2500lb. break strength capacity, cams still offer considerable strength and easy tightening.


Rated at 835 lbs Work Load Limit
Rated at 2500 lbs Breaking Strength
Spring E-fittings hook to fit on your E-track
Fast and Easy Operation to Secure your Cargo
Polyster Webbing - will not stretch over time or loosen with road vibrations

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